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What Programs are Offered?



All academic curriculum is designed by an Educational Therapist and Clinical team to ensure Executive Functioning skill development that is also inline with Common Core guidelines.


ALDS summer reading courses are focused on reading comprehension and annotation skill development designed for low-interest readers in elementary, middle school, and those transitioning to high school.


Students will learn to organize their thoughts and identify appropriate evidence while they practice writing mechanics, thesis construction, and quote integration within analytical, argumentative, and narrative-based writing.


Students will be matched with their area of need as participants explore and expand their knowledge of, and practice, basic math fluency, number systems, foundational geometry, expressions, linear equations, and functions with outdoor games and applied projects. Topics are designed for elementary, middle school, and those transitioning to high school. Sessions will be held in ALDS office, Ernie Howlett Park, or Malaga Cove School.


12 Sessions:

July 7th - August 16th

T & TH

10:00 am - 12:00 pm (Reading)

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm (Writing)

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (Mathematics)

Pricing: $100 per session (2 hrs)

Sessions held in the ALDS office unless otherwise stated

Social Groups

Social Skills:

Weekly social outings run by a Mental Health Professional with age-appropriate peers to facilitate interpersonal skill development through activities in naturalistic settings.

Art Therapy Process Group:

Multi-modal art-based projects run by an Art Therapist designed to facilitate social and emotional development, process self-identity, and strengthen self-confidence.


Social Skills:

8 weeks

June 20th - August 12th

$50 an hour

Outings will be 90 - 120 minutes depending on age

Art Therapy:

6 weeks

June 27th - August 5th

$75 per session

Sessions will be 90 minutes and held in the ALDS office

Days/times will be dependent on enrollment

Also Offering

Individual Coaching

*offered in-home or virtually

  • Coaching for summer Homework Support

    • $110 an hour​

  • Coaching with Customized Curriculum

    • Curriculum designed by an Educational Therapist tailored to address your student's academic needs and areas of remediation​

    • Starts at $120 an hour


How are summer programs run?

  • Sessions are run by qualified professionals

  • Session size is limited to ensure optimal interaction for all

  • Sessions are run through user friendly Google Meet, Zoom, and/or in person (according to state COVID guidelines)

  • Sessions are offered at varying times during the week for convenience


*Programs subject to change based on enrollment*