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What Programs are Offered?




  • Grade-based literature

  • Genre-based literature (e.g., fiction, non-fiction)

  • Topic-based literature (e.g., psychology, philosophy)


  • Writer's workshop for any topic and style (e.g., poetry, short stories, TV writing)

  • Etymology (e.g., base words, prefixes/suffixes, and origin/history of words)

  • Research papers (e.g., thesis development, proper citation, quote integration)

  • Character analysis from any medium (e.g., book, TV, movie, comic)


  • General Review

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

Executive Functioning & Study Skills

  • Research skills

  • Create your own TED Talk

  • Learn study skills and Memory study strategies

  • Complete group projects

College & Life Skills

  • Complete college applications

  • College essay writing

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae building

  • Job search & Interview skills

Social Skills

  • Dungeons & Dragons group

  • Community-based safe social outings (e.g., beach trips, hikes, outdoor dining)

Create Your Own Group!

  • Created especially for groups of friends who want to explore new topics or learn new skills

  • Sessions are designed specifically for your child

  • Sessions can be academic or interest-based and facilitate socially-driven collaborative learning

*Minimum of 3 children required*


Virtual Parent Group

  • Establish consistent structure, routines & expectations

  • Picking your battles & using positive parenting

  • Parental self-care & parents supporting parents!

Lead by Yvette Lopez de Luna, LCSW

*Sessions are 90 mins at a rate of $60 per session


How are summer programs run?

  • Sessions are 60-120 minutes long

  • Sessions are run by qualified professionals

  • Session size is limited to ensure optimal interaction for all

  • Sessions are run through user friendly Google Meet, Zoom, and/or in person (according to state COVID guidelines)

  • Sessions are offered at varying times during the week for convenience

Summer Programs are $50-$75 per Hour

*with minimum enrollment requirements*