Diagnostic Assessment and Testing

A good assessment answers questions about an individual’s ability, behavior, mood, academic potential, and overall functioning. Testing provides a thoughtful analysis of a child’s strengths and weaknesses along with a detailed intervention plan to build on identified strengths while improving on identified weaknesses. Common testing questions may include:

  • Why is my child so well behaved at school but is a terror at home?
  • Why does homework take my child three times longer than his classmates?
  • Why does my child seem to know information right before a test but bombs the exam?
  • Why does my child have such good focus for things she's really interested in, like playing video games, but can't seem to focus when she really needs to, like in class?
  • What can we do to help our child be a more successful student?
  • My child makes negative comments about herself. Should we be worried?
  • Why does my child have so many problems making and keeping friends?

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Cogmed Working Memory Training

A clinically proven program for improved attention for children, adolescents and adults.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a new home-based software program developed to help train and increase working memory capacity for children and adults. Through a combination of software-based working memory exercises and personal coaching, participants engage in home training sessions for 30-45 minutes per day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks, with the support of our certified trained Cogmed Personal Coaches.

These fun and enjoyable exercises allow the user to repeat a visual or oral sequence that gradually increases in difficulty as the users' abilities improve. By remembering and manipulating information over very brief periods of time, the user develops skills essential for countless life activities including stronger comprehension while reading, remembering math steps, and better organization and problem solving abilities.

Published, peer-reviewed and controlled clinical studies have demonstrated that, upon completion of Cogmed Working Memory Training, 80% of participants have significantly improved their ability to concentrate and use complex reasoning skills over the long term.

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Academic Coaching/Tutoring

Academic coaching and tutoring is usually provided in the child or teen's home. The coach/tutor will work with the child in organizing self and materials, in improving time management skills, and in developing more effective study strategies when preparing for tests and exams. Your child's tutor will work to improve academic performance in specific key areas, such as reading comprehension, mathematics, and creative written expression. Very often, the coach/tutor will be the liaison between the student and the school, will facilitate communication between all Team members, and will attend school-based planning meetings as needed.

Parent Education and Support

Parenting the child or teen with attention and/or learning delays can be roller-coaster ride that can travel from exciting and thrilling to frustrating and exhausting. Parent education and support classes, provided in both individual and group formats, allow parents a safe environment to share their parenting experiences with others and to learn research-based strategies designed to improve the quality of parent-child interactions.

Individual and Family Psychotherapy

When emotional issues get in the way of an individual’s or a family’s happiness or success, counseling services are available. A short-term psychotherapeutic approach is typically used to help families with such issues as anger, depression, anxiety, sibling conflict, illness, or divorce.